Frequently asked questions

Our FAQs will help you answer all the questions you may have on hot air balloon flights and Air to Air Africa! Please read through it carefully

All passengers must be able to stand for the duration of the flight and manage to enter and exit the basket unassisted.

A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 16. Children must further be older than 7 years and at least 1.2 metres tall. Passengers with health considerations accept the responsibility to consult a doctor before embarking on one of our hot air balloon flights.

If there are any questions regarding physical suitability or health limitations, please discuss these with us before booking.

We endeavor to do all we can to accommodate prospective passengers, however we reserve the right to refuse anyone who, in our opinion, would be a safety liability to themselves or others aboard the balloon ride.

We consider it unsafe to fly when pregnant, as the landings can be slightly bumpy. Please advise us of your pregnancy and ask for pilots permission prior to launch.

Depending on weather conditions: most flights are about one hour, although we consider a flight to be from 45 minutes

Yes. At Air to Air Africa balloons are limited to the amount of passengers and more importantly, the weight they can carry. For this reason it is very important that you book well in advance to avoid being disappointed. Please go to our Terms & Conditions before booking

The cubic feet capacity of the envelope (the material part of the balloon) determines the size of the basket it may be attached to.

Air to Air Africa has four balloons of various sizes which are able to carry a heavier weight in winter than in summer. It is very important that we do not overload the balloon and that the weight is balanced and evenly distributed. This information is passed on to the pilot prior to every flight done.

90 which can carry a maximum of 2 @ 85 kg / 170 kg.

210 which can carry a maximum of 8 @ 85 kg / 680 kg .

315 which can carry a maximum of 12 @ 85 kg / 1020 kg.

And the largest balloon is a 400 which can carry a maximum of 16 @ 80 kg / 1280 kg

What do we need to wear & what to bring?

When going for hot air balloon flights , clothing should be layered (keeping in mind the early morning chill of dawn, the warmth of a flight, and the sunshine on landing). Walking shoes are a must as you will be landing on fields and climbing into baskets. Hats or caps are recommended. A camera to capture the experience and binoculars. Please remember to charge your cell phone.