Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Gift Above Any Other


Hot Air Ballooning Adventures

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Year on year, Valentine’s Day holds a great hype around it. The build-up certainly brews some creative and romantic ideas in the minds of the many lovebirds, the world over.

If this Valentine’s Day is significantly special for you and your loved one or you feel like mixing it up a little, a hot air ballooning experience as a Valentine’s Day gift could definitely get your hearts throbbing.

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Hot air ballooning is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. It creates lasting memories for passengers. The early morning drive out to the treasured Cradle of Humankind will certainly pay off once we have elevated you into the clean morning skies.

The panoramic views above and the abundance of wildlife below give couples the chance to enjoy Valentine’s Day with their love literally “on top”. After an hour-long Valentine’s Day hot air balloon ride, couples will be met with a glass of sparkling wine and breakfast upon landing.

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This fun Valentine’s Day gift will certainly have you floating on cloud nine on the ‘day of love’.

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