Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Eddie Jacobs • • Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Eugene Schilz

Eddie Jacobs qualified as a pilot for hot air balloon rides in Austria. He has flown extensively over Asia and Europe and became a South African resident in 1994.

Eddie is unique in South Africa in that he has piloted fixed wing, hot air balloons, thermal airships and rotary blade aircraft.

This hot air ballooning pilot started flying for Air Trackers and was one of the first pilots to fly in the Pilanesburg Game Reserve. He started his own operation, Air to Air Africa CC and launched from Glenburn Lodge in 1999.

Currently, Air to Air Africa has three commercial licensed hot air balloons in operation:

  • One 400,000 cubic feet balloon with a capacity of 16-18 passengers nicknamed the “Red Monster.”
  • A 250,000 cubic feet balloon with a capacity of 6-8 passengers nicknamed “Daddy Blue” and,
  • A 315,000 cubic feet balloon nicknamed Rainbow with a capacity of 10-12 passengers.

When Eddie is not piloting a hot air balloon, he spends his free time building and restoring exotic cars, and has built a Lotus seven, GT40, Cobra, Lamborghini, two E types and many more. He has also restored Airplanes and built a mini 500 helicopter.

Our hot air ballooning pilot has flown advertising balloons such as Simba Chips, White Horse whisky, the M-Net airship, and many others all over South Africa. He has been involved in a great deal of balloon stunt work for British and South African television and films.

If you wish to meet Eddie Jacobs, we welcome you to make a hot air ballooning booking.