No Afternoon Flights

Why we only fly hot air balloons in the early morning

Our Pilot, Eddie talks about the safety risks involved in afternoon hot air ballooning:

Being the owner of Air to Air Africa, I have valuable experience in the flying of hot air balloons. Today, I am a Senior Pilot which has come from flying advertising hot air balloons and Thermal Airships around South Africa since 1994.

After flying regularly in the late afternoon it is in my opinion that on any given day the sun will start to fade about 30 minutes after the winds have subsided. In turn this hinders the pilot’s view. It is for this reason that at Air to Air Africa, only operate hot air balloon flights in the early hours of the morning when the sun begins to rise.

More about the ballooning pre-cautions

As hot air balloons move with the wind, and land in unknown spaces, passengers and the pilot can be exposed to dangers whilst waiting for retrieval. However at Air to Air Africa, it is our job as to ensure the safety of each and every passenger. With years of accumulated knowledge as well as our strict safety policies and equipment checks, we ensure that at no point before, during and after the hot air balloon ride, are passengers at risk.

Our hot air ballooning is ideal for various occasions and events including:

There are various hot air ballooning companies that conduct flights at various times of the day. With our passengers’ safety a top priority, our morning flights offer a vast amount of beauty and the very best weather conditions on that day.

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