Corporate Flights For Team Building

When it comes to corporate team building events, sometimes the usual get-together just won’t cut it. Something that might literally sweep employees, clients or guests off their feet and create a lasting memory whilst doing so is necessary. Consider an hour-long hot air balloon flight in South Africa and a full breakfast. There is no better way to start or end that perfect conference, team build or product launch.

Choose Something Different

Although hot air ballooning is the oldest form of flight known to man, it is an adventure that many people have not experienced. Our corporate adventures on hot air balloons offering is the perfect solution for large or small groups.
Our hot air balloon price is competitive and like the individual, personal bookings, the price includes a full buffet-styled breakfast at Glenburn Lodge.

Should you wish to have your corporate flights for team building fly from a destination, the additional transport cost and accommodation for our pilot and crew may have to be taken into consideration. Please call us for a quotation.

Corporate Adventures on Hot Air Balloons

Biggest Hot Air Balloon in Africa

Our 16-man balloon, named Monster, is one of the biggest hot air balloons in Africa and our most popular balloon to hire for corporate flights for team building as it allows the entire group to fly together. Should passengers exceed 16 people, we will be more than happy to fly two or more balloons, simultaneously.

We regularly launch corporate balloons for:

  • Product launches
  • Social events
  • Client appreciation events
  • Team building excursions

Hot air balloon flights can also be organised as incentives, prizes or gifts to staff.

Only Morning Flights

We only do sunrise flights, as that is when the air is most stable and the heat of the day has not come down to earth yet. At this time of the morning, thermals have not yet developed.

How Do We Know When To Fly?

As a seasoned hot air balloon operator, we understand the importance of the weather and other factors when it comes to preparing to fly a hot air balloon.

Often, passengers will ask why our pilot will not fly when the weather conditions on the ground seem absolutely fine? The answer to that question is simple: The apparent conditions while the balloon is metres off the ground, differ greatly from what could be happening up in the air.

Our pilot will communicate with the Oliver Tambo International Airport weather station the evening prior to a flight and repeat the same process approximately two hours prior to the flight. The pilot will then go on to communicate with Lanseria Airport, once the balloon flight group get to the launch site, prior to take off. If the receive an “All Clear”, they will inflate a helium party balloon to check that the direction and speed is correct.