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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hot Air Balloon Adventures Near Johannesburg

If you live in Gauteng and have always wanted to try a hot air balloon ride, then you are in luck. At Air to Air Africa, not only do we offer hot air balloon adventures all year round, but we go out of our way to make the experience unforgettable for each passenger. Before making your booking, have a look at some of the common queries we often receive.


Who Is Allowed to Fly?

Our sky-high adventures are about an hour long and it is our hope that passengers are physically comfortable for the duration of the flight. If needed, we have an available seat in the basket that can assist passengers who have difficulty remaining standing.  Should you have a medical condition, please contact us prior to your booking.


Where is the Launch Site?

When suitable, we can launch from just about anywhere in the country. Currently, we are situated in the Cradle of Humankind – a World Heritage Site located approximately 35 km from Johannesburg. When booking your flight with us, we will arrange a venue meeting with you and then transport you to the launch before sunrise.


Are the Flights Safe?

Our savvy Johannesburg passengers often ask this question! Hot air balloon adventures are beloved world-wide as a tourist activity, and accidents are extremely rare. Of course, partnering with the right commercial flight company who follows protocols is essential. Ensure your service provider has the necessary certifications behind their name and that the pilot’s profile is available for review on request.


Where Will the Balloon Land?

It’s impossible to predict exactly how long the flight will be and where precisely the craft will land. This, however, is part of the thrill and excitement surrounding such rides! Generally, our trips last about 60 minutes, but this all depends upon the wind and weather. Once you land you can enjoy a fantastic glass of celebratory sparkling wine and a scrumptious breakfast.

To book one or several hot air balloon adventures in Johannesburg, have a look here for pricing information.