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Need Team Building Ideas?  Have a Look at Our Corporate Hot Air Balloon Flights


Most corporate employees have seen it all when it comes to team building activities. Physical boot camps, eating out at restaurants, and arranging a braai every so often starts to look a little bland over time. If you need to breathe some life back into the social atmosphere of your company, then hot air balloon flights are the best way to do it.


Why Team Building Is So Crucial

Team building is not just about having fun with fellow colleagues; it helps to create a deeper connection between individuals who spend a lot of time together in a high-performance environment. After enough time, corporate settings (which tend to be stressful) begin to weigh employees down, and their cohesiveness as a team thus suffers. Team building offers opportunities outside of work for socialising and networking, improving unity, and enhancing communication. When the set activities are enjoyable enough, every employee will see a boost in their confidence and motivation too.


Inspire Creativity, Innovation, and a Sense of Wonder

Hot air balloon flights are unlike any other activity in that the experience is rare. It is the oldest form of flight known to humankind but remains an activity that most people have never tried. High above the earth, viewing the rolling hills and lush, green valleys, one is sure to gain perspective and an appreciation for the simple things in life. Relaxed and refreshed, your employees will return from their trip with a renewed excitement about the rest of their year.


What Our Corporate Package Includes

Our largest balloon has a capacity of up to 16 people and groups exceeding this number are welcome to book more balloons to be flown simultaneously. The experience also includes a full, scrumptious breakfast buffet at the esteemed Glenburn Lodge. Whether for team building, product launches, and even client appreciation events, our hot air balloon flights will make memories that last.

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