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South Africa is a land filled with raw, unfiltered beauty. When it comes to natural wonder, scenic landscapes, and breathtaking vistas, nowhere else on earth comes close. We have it all – from rolling hills to lush, green farmlands. What better way to experience this country, then, than from a bird’s eye vantage point? If hot air balloon rides have always intrigued and fascinated you, then why not use that next special occasion as an opportunity to try it?

Celebrate Life, Love, and Adventure

Birthdays, anniversaries, and proposals are all precious moments in time. Showing your loved one how much you appreciate them is challenging; words and gifts are often not enough. A memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, however, is sure to let that special someone know how you feel. As the ultimate adventure, hot air balloon rides provide an experience that makes an impact by creating a memory that lasts a lifetime.

So, whether you are planning on popping the big question or wish to celebrate someone you adore, you cannot go wrong doing it with a spectacular, sunrise view.

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Here at Air to Air Africa, we believe that hot air balloon rides are a journey that everyone should enjoy at least once. Our passion for what we do, impeccable pricing, and professional commitment to each passenger all mean that you can rely on us for the best hot air ballooning experience in South Africa. Our prices include a one-hour flight over a world heritage site, a game and nature reserve, and the banks of the Crocodile River. We also provide breakfast and a sparkling refreshment after each ride.

We have seen plenty of proposals, birthday celebrations, and bucket list dreams fulfilled over the years – and we invite you to do the same. This 2020, why not embark on a flight sure to change your life?

If you would like to book a fun-filled ride with us, or if you simply have a few queries on pricing, feel free to get in touch with our team here.