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Heritage Day is a South African public holiday which is on the 24th of September and honors the culture and diversity of beliefs and traditions of all South Africans. It is a holiday that is celebrated every year and serves as a reminder that the nation belongs to all its people.

The first Heritage Day was instituted in 1995, after the first free elections that spelled the end of apartheid and the beginning of a new, non-racially based democracy.

Originally, the 24th of September was a Zulu holiday which was celebrated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. It was a remembrance to Shaka Zulu, the great chief who united the Zulu tribes into a unified nation. When a bill was passed in 1995 by the South African parliament to establish South Africa’s official public holidays, the Zulus objected that “Shaka Day” was not included. A compromise finally kept the date but broadened the meaning to include the celebration of the heritage of all South African people, thus it was renamed “Heritage Day”.

As time went on, some people tried to find something all South African’s could share. In 2005, a media campaign began to package the holiday as a National Braai Day. South Africans love a braai, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. In no time, the campaign evolved. The National Heritage Council first dismissed the idea as trivial, but later endorsed it and Braai Day changed its name to Braai4Heritage.

Whilst some people will be enjoying a free day off, others will be attending braais or even visiting the Apartheid Museum, but why don’t you and your loved ones spend it differently by witnessing Africa’s natural beauty through a hot air balloon tour over the Cradle of Humankind – which is one of only 8 must-see world heritage sites in the country.

A balloon flight experience will allow you to experience it in a way that will keep it imprinted in your mind – as the ultimate adventure ride, plus where will you get the opportunity to see for kilometers where some of our earliest ancestors used to walk?

Our balloon flights take off from Glenburn Lodge, which is a game reserve located at the Cradle of Humankind. It is surrounded by the tranquil Zwartkops Mountains and is located on the banks of the Blaaubank and Crocodile rivers.

Air to Air Africa currently has three commercial licensed balloons: One 400 000 cubic feet balloon which holds a capacity of 16 – 18 passengers, or as we know it, the Red Monster. We also have Daddy Blue which is 250 000 cubic feet and holds a capacity of 4 – 8 passengers. And finally, we have Rainbow which is 315 000 cubic feet and holds a capacity of 10 – 14 passengers.

As part of our Heritage as a hot air balloon company, we have a long-standing tradition of cracking open some champagne after a hot air balloon tour which dates back to the first flight that happened in 1783, when it proved to the farmers in France that the balloon landing in their field actually belonged to earth and not an alien spaceship. Interesting right?

Should you book online, we will give you a 10% discount – so why not come in numbers and make this a memorable experience for you and your loved ones this September? Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from all of you!