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While many people may think that Women’s Day is kind of another Mother’s Day for women, that’s not really what it is about.

On the 9th of August 1956, 20 000 women of all races and ages from every corner of South Africa participated in a national march in protest of pass laws (apartheid legislation that required people of colour to carry identity documentation to prove that they were allowed to enter a white’s only area) at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

This initiative was organized by the Federation of South African Women where the march was led by four brave women; Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophie Williams, and Lilian Ngoyi. The leaders delivered petitions to Prime Minister JG Strijdom’s office within the Union Buildings. Women throughout South Africa had put their names to these petitions indicating their anger and frustrations at having their freedom of movement restricted by the hated official passes.

After the women handed the documents at Strijdom’s office they quietly remained outside for about 30 minutes before bursting into song. Their protest song’s words are roughly translated into “You touch a woman, you strike a rock”, which shows their immense courage and strength. Women’s Day is still held in high regard as a reminder of the significant contributions many women made in their society. The power of the women who rose up against the legislation that required black South Africans to carry the “pass” is still recognized each year.

The first National Women’s Day celebrations were introduced in 1994 and take place annually. It’s because of these determined women and their countless followers who personified defiance in their own manner and showed the country as well as the world the extent of their strength and resilience that all females enjoy a better life in SA today. The march was a resounding success and South Africa recognizes the bravery of these women who risked arrest, detention and banning by declaring 9 August National Women’s Day.

If it wasn’t for these brave women, many of us would not enjoy the freedom we have today to do these simple things.

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