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If you’re planning to try out a hot air balloon experience for the first time, there are a few helpful tips that we have compiled to help you better prepare yourself. One thing for sure is that your first balloon tour will be a memory you will never forget. The adventure of quietly floating through the air among the birds is an experience like no other.

Prepare to stand

All passengers must be capable of standing for the duration of the flight and enter and exit the basket unassisted. If there is any question regarding physical suitability or health limitations please consult your doctor, and advise us of your concerns, before confirming a booking. We will do all that we can to accommodate prospective passengers and can assist those who may have a problem crouching down in the basket to assume the landing position.

What to wear

Clothing should be layered, keeping in mind the early morning chill of dawn and the sunshine on landing.

Keep in mind that you are required to climb into and out of a basket.

The balloon lands in a field and unknown locations, so closed walking shoes are advised.

The pilot needs to heat the balloon prior to launching hats or cap are recommended to protect your head from the heat of the burners.

No Smoking, drugs or alcohol allowed.

No handbags or backpacks.

Cameras, binoculars may be brought on board and stowed away on landing.

Air to Air Africa cannot take responsibility for loss or damage of equipment or clothing.

You can find out more details on our FAQs here

Be flexible

The weather conditions on any date of flight is checked the night before, again when the pilot wakes up and on the launch site. The pilot then makes a call to Lanseria to get permission for flight and sends up a helium party balloon to check that the information received from aviation weather station is correct. Only then will the pilot instruct the ground crew to either cancel the flight or inflate the balloon and prepare for take-off. Air to Air Africa holds a 100% safety record. We value the safety of our pilot, equipment and passengers.

The flight

Most passengers don’t realize how peaceful and majestic a hot air balloon flight can be. Since you travel with the wind, gliding through the air at low altitude, the only time you feel the breeze is when the pilot needs to find another wind direction to move the balloon to a better landing spot. The ground crew will meet you to pack the balloon up and transport you back to the venue.

The landing

A safety briefing will be given to you by the ground crew prior to boarding. The pilot will give another briefing prior to launching, and ask you to physically show them that you are able to follow their instructions.

After 45-1hour on the pilot will ask you to assume the landing position as previously instructed if winds have picked up and they are going to have a fast landing, this may be a bit bumpy await his instructing to stand up. Stay in the basket until asked by your pilot to exit one passenger at a time.

Ending the flight with some bubbly

There’s a long-standing tradition of cracking open some champagne after a successful hot air balloon flight which dates to the first flight in 1783, when it proved to the farmers in France that the balloon landing in their field belonged to earth and not an alien spaceship.

Wrapping up with breakfast

After the flight is complete, you will be invited to a full buffet breakfast that will be waiting for you at Glenburn Lodge, where you will receive your commemorative hot air balloon flight certificate. This part of the day’s itinerary takes about an hour.

Your first hot air balloon experience will be an unforgettable one. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help make your experience worthwhile. So, what are you waiting for? Book now with Air to Air Africa  and start creating adventurous memories.