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It’s amazing how the bag above the basket (gondola) of a hot air balloon is called an “envelope”.

What’s wonderful about the analogy above is that a balloon ride can be presented as a gift or a boost to corporate team morale, like a present or reward in an envelope.

A double advantage is the fact that hot air balloon price(s) are right within range for the average South African pocket.

At Air to Air Africa, we ensure that the experience of flying in a hot air balloon can be appreciated and live in the memories of everyone who dares to book a ride.

The technology behind hot air balloons has come a long way since the very first flying attempt in 1783, and the more modern hot air balloon, with an on-board heat source, was then developed during the 1950s, and resultant in a successful flight, on October 22, 1960.

With all the trial and error, and the eventual successes that went into giving people the gift of open air flying, why wouldn’t you book a flight today?

Our team of registered pilots have over 35 years combined, of balloon flight experience. The safety of our passengers is always top of mind because we, as a hot air balloon service provider must always ensure that we adhere to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority and keep our operating certification and public liability insurance, up to date and within the guidelines.

If you are considering booking for a ballooning experience, one major consideration is: hot air balloon price. How much is the experience? Can you afford it for yourself and a loved one? Can you stretch the pocket to cover an even larger group, for more fun?

Our pricing is dependant on certain weight restrictions and these measures are enforced to ensure safety on all our rides.

You may find that individuals that exceed the weight ranges we have set out, can incur an additional cost to their hot air balloon price. Our team can detail all this to you once you’re ready to make your booking with Air to Air Africa and provide all the additional details about what to wear and what you are allowed and not allowed to bring on board on the day of you confirmed ballooning experience.

It’s all fun and flight, but rules are rules- Always.

In all earnest, flying in a hot air balloon, in the early morning breeze, just after the sun has risen, is an incredibly serene experience. The full experience goes far beyond simply being in the basket and watching the world from bird’s eye view.

For young and old, the thrill of air ballooning encapsulates the following as well

  1. The start-up moment when you watch the balloon inflate.
  2. The steady lift-off from the ground to finally reaching a safe altitude as deemed by weather conditions and the pilot’s expert navigation.
  3. The meticulous sways and turns through the treetops, and finally,
  4. The descent back to the ground, to enjoy a hearty breakfast and look through the beautiful pictures you captured mid-air.

Once you have sorted out the matter of hot air balloon prices, booking for your ride is the easier part of the bargain.

Our online booking platform saves you time AND money (our 10% off online booking special) and all the information you need to ready yourself for the day of flight is available to you right on our site as well.

The Autumn weather could be getting colder but gifting yourself and your loved ones with a hot air balloon experience needn’t wait. 

Contact us today.