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Up, up and away…. Or at least “away” for 45 minutes to an hour, on one of our hot air balloon tours.

If you aren’t afraid of heights or you want to conquer the fear, then what better way is there other than taking a morning off to indulge your lifetime memory bank with a hot air ballooning experience in SA?

Air to Air Africa has been in the business of flying groups; large and small, of all ages and nationalities, around the mountainous landscapes of Cape Town’s winelands area and Muldersdrift in the north-western sides of Johannesburg.

Our rides can be tailored to the group size and nature of the occasion that you wish.

Two of our notable specifications are:

  1. Special occasions celebrations

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, an academic or career milestone or even if you would like to pop the big “Will you marry me?” question while overlooking the South African landscape from a bird’s eye view, booking a hot air ballooning ride is a sure-fire way to ensure a memory to last a lifetime.

Taking off from The Cradle of Humankind or from the lush green winelands close to Stellenbosch in the Western Cape will make any special occasion ten times more treasured.

  1. Corporate Flights

Many professional organisations have come to us to arrange a team building experience that is both different and invigorating.

What better way to have colleagues out of their suits and ties, in comfortable wear, to experience the world the live in, from a different angle, with the wind blowing through everyone’s hair. An air balloon tour surpasses any braai and work drinks suggestion. Our team of ground staff and the pilot handling the ride, will ensure that the entire ride quite literally ‘sweeps everyone off their feet’.

Hot air ballooning is the oldest form of flight known to man, but we can bet that 9/10 times, it is the one outdoor activity that many people do not have on their persona; adventure bucket lists.

Make a booking for our corporate hot air ballooning in SA and score points as the Best employer” this side of the Atlantic, by giving people an adventure they would have never fathomed and would have probably never experienced on their own.

In case you need more convincing, our 16-Man balloon, named Monster, is one of the biggest hot air balloons in Africa.

Our Monster is a popular feature for any balloon tour booking for corporate events because it allows for an entire group (of 16 people) to fly together.

What happens if your guests exceed 16 people you ask? Our team will be more than happy to fly two or more balloons. No one loses out, no one gets to say they didn’t “fly”.

No matter the size of your group, our corporate flights package will be tailored for your group, with a full buffet breakfast to boot.

We’re ready and waiting for all your enquiries or flight bookings. Get in touch with our team today.

In the air and on the ground once your hot air balloon tour is over, Air to Air Africa has got you covered.