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On a scale of aeroplane and hot air balloon flight, the latter seems like a far easier skill and makes it seem like something anyone can master, but is it really?

Flying a hot air balloon requires a pilot’s license, so it clearly isn’t as simple as borrowing a neighbour’s picnic basket then figuring out the scientific elements that need to come into play to keep your basket off the ground.  Although spearheading hot air balloon fights in South Africa may seem a great skill to acquire, the dream doesn’t need to die out simply because you aren’t certified. Book a balloon flight with us at Air to Air Africa because we are.

What no better way to celebrate your birthday, celebrate Valentine’s Day or see the Cradle of Humankind from the bird’s eye view than in a hot air balloon? Whatever your special occasion may be, our team can tailor the perfect ride.

Flying in a hot air balloon gives one an hour-long air experience coupled with the best possible view of South Africa’s local landscape and it is guaranteed to last in your brain’s memory archives for a lifetime.

As a fun little balloon flight fact and in case you always wondered why hot air balloons need pilots and whether the pilot is clearly steering and directing the balloon, here’s the answer: Once the balloon goes up, our experienced pilots only really control its altitude. The course of the balloon through the sky is determined by the wind- therefore hot air balloon flights in South Africa require pilots with the theoretic and practical know-how to pore over wind charts and weather forecasts before flights and determine accurate flight success probabilities.

Once the balloon flight is coming to an end, an experienced pilot takes charge of a successful landing by identifying the ideal landing zone (one with minimal trees and human population traffic) and controls the descent by releasing the hot air from the vent at the top of the balloon. Once that hot air is released, the balloon to descend.

Flying a hot air balloon is a carefully orchestrated science. A beautiful science that we have been handling the business of for several years from Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively. Our pilots are always cheerfully eager to answer any of your questions while up in the air and if you ask extra nicely, the pilot can lower the balloon to tree-level to grant you a better view of the land and infrastructure below, plus crystal clear pictures to show to all your friends and family who haven’t booked their own hot air balloon flight in South Africa yet.

Although a balloon flight cannot fly you to a destination of your choice, our take-off and landing zones in Glenburn Lodge, Johannesburg West and at Joostenberg Bistro & Garden Centre, in the Cape Winelands of Stellenbosch make the experience a ton more beautiful if you choose to have lunch there after your balloon flight has concluded.

Flight bookings can be made online with a convenience and an ease comparable to walking, or you can make an enquiry with our team to iron out any extra details you need clarity on before you confirm your booking and prepare your mind for the once in a lifetime.

There is no better time than the present to make all your wildest flight dreams a reality.

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