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Of all the rich and beautiful experiences South Africa has to offer on holiday, there’s something special about a hot air balloon ride that expands on the typical game drive or cultural experience.

When looking for a weekend pastime or planning a more elaborate adventure, adding a hot air balloon flight above the Gauteng countryside is a must on your to do list when planning the ultimate holiday in South Africa.

Fit for any special occasion, family friendly and full of adrenaline inducing fun, a hot air balloon party brings a certain type of magic incomparable to any other experience we can think of. Turning an early morning game drive into a brilliant balloon flight, or adding a new spin to the typical cultural escapade, each of these experiences take to new heights when enjoyed from the air above.

Stealthily floating through the sky just as the sun slips up the horizon, when booking your ballooning adventure be sure to tick off this ballooning adventure check list to guarantee the most memorable ballooning experience possible.

• Keep in mind, balloon flights in South Africa take place at sunrise to ensure the most stable air conditions, resulting in the least amount of inflight turbulence.
• Passengers are most comfortable dressed in layers. While the cool of the morning flight might leave you feeling chilly, the heat of the balloon’s furnace may make you feel warmer as the sun begins to rise.
• Flat shoes are a must! Trainers or sneakers are the ideal foot gear, keeping in mind that we know where we take off but do not know where we will land and this may be an uneven surface. You will also be required to climb in and out of the basket before take-off and again after landing.
• Don’t forget your camera. Snap the ultimate selfie, take pics of the game and wildlife or the breath-taking views from above with a video recorder or camera; the holiday hot air ballooning essential.

The cost of a hot air balloon ride is usually calculated according to the weight of the passengers, but before we have you hopping onto the scales, the cost is calculated on an estimate, based on four weight guidelines.

These guidelines are as follows;
• Under 35Kg Single at R 975.00 per Person
• Under 85kg Single at R 1,950.00 per Person
• Under 120kg Single at R 2,475.00 per Person
• Over 120kg Single at R 3,000.00 per Person

While weight is a factor to be considered when planning your hot air adventure, Air to Air Africa accommodates for a number of hot air ballooning parties. With various basket sizes Air to Air Africa offers;
• a small balloon that can carry 4 -8 people
• a medium balloon ideal for 8 – 12 people
• a large balloon with a capacity of up to 12-16 people

This if for an hour flight at sunrise, meeting 30 minutes prior to launch, Sparkling wine and / or orange juice on landing and a breakfast at Glenburn lodge where you will be presented with a commemorative certificate.

When planning your next holiday break away or weekend escape, located just outside of Johannesburg, Air to Air Africa hot air balloon adventures makes for one of the most memorable and sensational experiences across the African skies.

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