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If you’re not sure how to create an unforgettable anniversary over the upcoming autumn and winter months, you’ll be delighted to learn that the colder weather conditions are perfect for hot air balloon flights in South Africa. The reason for this is two-fold:

  • In winter, there is less chance of winds and thunderstorms generating that can interfere with your airborne journey.
  • In summer, as the earth heats up far quicker than in winter, it may create turbulence on the ground that can cause a bumpy landing.

This is, among other reasons, why Air to Air Africa hot air balloon operators only do early morning flights in the sunny season. Besides, few things can match the sheer natural beauty of the silvery dewdrop-covered earth in the morning. Or the evolution of the colour palette in the sky – just after sunrise.

Where can one do hot air balloon rides in South Africa?

Air to Air Africa flies over the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng.

  • Close to Lanseria International Airport.
  • Less than an hour’s drive from major cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Not only is this a world heritage site, but it is also one of the most picturesque settings to take to the sky.

What can you expect from a balloon flight in winter?

A hot air balloon ride is not really an extreme adventure or an adrenaline rush. It is rather a gentle, relaxing kind of activity that enables you to just enjoy some very special moments. As you float through the sky, you will no doubt be awe-struck by the beauty of your world from that angle.

This is an outline of a typical winter hot air balloon flight with Air to Air Africa:

  • Meet at the well-known Glenburn Lodge & Spa at 6am. Half hour prior to sunrise
  • Get transported to the launch site with a vehicle supplied by Air to Air Africa.
  • Take-off at 6h45.
  • A flight of around an hour.
  • Return to Glenburn Lodge at around 8am for a glass of bubbly and a buffet breakfast.

It is recommended that you dress layered so that you’re well prepared for the crisp morning air, and so that you can take garments off – as it starts to warm up. You might want to also opt for a walk in the area afterwards, go for a game drive or explore the many amazing attractions in the area. So come prepared to go wherever your whim takes you.

One thing to always remember is to come armed with a hat, as while you are enjoying your hot air balloon ride you will be warm and the temperature from the burners will heat your head and you won’t want to get too hot!

What is the cost of a hot air balloon ride?

A hot air balloon experience is more affordable than you think. Here are the latest costs from Air to Air Africa:

Balloons are weight related: we may not fly too light nor to heavy. We work out the weight being 2 passengers less than 170kg: an additional amount is charged depending how much over or under a 35kg .

  • Person weighing less than 35kg: R975 per person.
  • Person between 35 – 85kg: R1950 per person.
  • Person between 85 – 120kg: R2475 per person.
  • Person over 120kg: Please call for quotation.

The prices are inclusive off all the elements outlined in the previous paragraph. Plus you will be issued with a personalised commemoration certificate. Air to Air Africa also accommodates special requests, to turn on the romance – or make the occasion even more festive.

In the words of poet Stanley Horowitz: “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” Each season indeed has its own kind of beauty. But it’s never quite as beautiful, as when you view it from the sky. Book your hot air balloon flight now for an experience you’ll never forget.