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Indulge in a completely unique experience and create photo album moments this upcoming holiday season with a hot air balloon party for the entire family. Conveniently close to the Lanseria International Airport, Air to Air Africa offers daily sunrise flights for the month of December, with 3 hot air balloons that can carry between 4 – 18 passengers. Book online for a fabulous 10% discount.

Can kids fly in a hot air balloon?

Both kids and adults can enjoy hot air ballooning, subject to the following safety precautions:

  • Passengers must be able to stand for the duration of the flight.
  • Passengers must be able to enter and exit the basket without assistance.
  • Kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Passengers with health issues should best consult their medical doctor prior to booking a flight.

Depending on weather conditions, a hot air balloon landing can sometimes be bumpy. For this reason, mothers-to-be should rather not fly.

Hot air balloon sizes

Founded in 1999, Air to Air Africa is one of the most established and trusted providers of hot air ballooning in SA. The company owns three hot air balloons that are licensed for commercial flying and that are flown by a fully qualified veteran pilot:

  • Red Monster: A 400,000 cubic feet balloon that can carry between 16 – 18 passengers.
  • Daddy Blue: A 250,000 cubic feet balloon that can carry between 6 – 8 passengers.
  • Baby Stripes: A 210,000 cubic feet balloon with the capacity to carry 4 – 8 passengers.

  How to prepare for your hot air balloon flight

Here are a few handy tips to prepare for your hot air balloon party:

  • Wear layered clothing to provide for weather changes from sunrise to mid-morning.
  • Walking shoes are most comfortable to walk in the fields and climb into the basket.
  • Minimise sun exposure by wearing sunblock and hats.
  • Bring binoculars and a camera to make the most of the view and capture the occasion.

You should also tie any lose items to the person, to ensure that it doesn’t fall down and get lost in flight. For more details and information about the logistics of hot air balloon flights, click here to read the FAQs

Logistics and costs of a hot air balloon ride

Air to Air Africa departs from Glenburn Lodge in the Cradle of Humankind, less than an hour’s drive away from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds. A single hot air balloon flight starts at R975 for children under 35kgs and R1950 for adults up to 85kgs (see the pricing structure here).

The reason we work on weight is that the manufacturer determines the weight each envelope can carry for safety as well as the space available for passengers in the basket. We work with temperatures when flying as well as the expected altitude for your flight to determine the safe weight allowable. The price includes:

  • Coffee and tea upon arrival at Glenburn Lodge.
  • Transport to and from the hot air balloon.
  • A flight of around one hour.
  • A buffet breakfast with sparkling wine afterwards at Glenburn Lodge.
  • A personalised commemoration certificate.

If you reserve your flight at, you will furthermore qualify for a 10% discount per person. Open-dated vouchers are also available on request, should you wish to buy hot air balloon rides as Christmas gifts. Go on, make that booking now, your entire family will love you for it!