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As the holiday fast approaches, explore hot air ballooning options in SA to celebrate the upcoming festive season and keep the team and family together. Not to mention that a balloon flight makes for an unrivalled Christmas or milestone birthday gift!

Be totally different and plan a hot air balloon party

Air to Air Africa Hot Air Balloon Operators operate from the Cradle of Humankind. The Cradle of Humankind is an international green heritage site that is close to the Lanseria International Airport, less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds. This makes a morning outing for a hot air balloon party totally achievable.

The company can accommodate up to 32 passengers in two 16-passenger balloons and corporate prices range between R1850 – R1950 per person. Standard packages include the following, but special transport, add-ons and customised packages can all be arranged in advance, if necessary:

  • Pre-flight coffee or tea at Glenburn Lodge
  • Transport to and from the launch site
  • A balloon flight of approximately an hour
  • Full buffet breakfast at Glenburn Lodge
  • Commemorative certificate

 How to make the most of a hot air balloon flight

The following advice is useful to ensure that both you and your guests make the most of the experience:

  • Have a plan B: Hot air balloon operators cannot put everyone at risk by flying when the weather conditions are unsafe. To avoid disappointment, plan an alternative activity for just in case the weather does not allow for take-off.
  • Be ready to be bright and early: Based on years of experience, hot air balloon operators have found that early morning flights are best as this is when the air is most stable. Besides, few things are as amazing as watching the sun rise over beautiful natural scenery!
  • Do a health check: Balloon operators generally consider it unsafe to fly when a passenger is pregnant or have any form of brittle bone disease. If you have any questionable health issue, it is best to get the go ahead from your medical doctor first.Should you have a physical problem please discuss this issue with the operator.We will try and assist with most disabilities.
  • Dress smart: This is a hot air balloon so layered clothing is advisable as it is colder prior to launch and very warm on take-off. .As a balloon moves with the air. The heat from the envelope will keep you warm. Closed walking shoes. Due to the heat required on take off we advise you to wear a hat to make it a little more comfortable.
  • Don’t tag loose items along: Cameras are welcome no handbags allowed and any loose objects must be stowed away on landing. But they can be placed in your pockets.
  • Share the experience: Sharing an experience makes it all the more magical. When you notice anything interesting from you particular vantage point, do share it with your co-passengers.

An unforgettable gift; guaranteed

It requires creativity to come up with original gift ideas, but clients of Air to Air Africa can attest to the fact that a hot air balloon experience will eternally remain imprinted in the heart and mind of the recipient. Contact Air to Air Africa now for details on open dated gift vouchers or for more information on hot air balloon party options.