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Hot air balloon party – celebrating Africa from the air

There could be no better way to celebrate Africa day on 25 May than with a hot air balloon party over the cradle of mankind south Africa. The cradle of mankind south Africa is one of only 8 must-see world heritage sites in the country.

A balloon experience will enable you to experience it in a way that will keep it imprinted in your mind – as the ultimate adventure ride.

Why a balloon experience over the cradle of mankind south Africa is a top choice for celebrating Africa day

Africa day marks a significant milestone of independence in African history. The cradle of mankind south Africa represents a multitude of historical highlights – in the history of humankind.

It is for example the place where proof of our most primitive existence was found and hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of flight known to man.

When choosing hot air ballooning SA for your celebrations, rising into the African sky and approaching the cradle of mankind south Africa, you will be able to see for kilometers of where some of our earliest ancestors used to walk.

You will be able to photograph what is not otherwise possible – a breath-taking landscape that is dotted with subterranean limestone caves -that are rich in fossil records to make your own Africa Day history.

Interesting facts about the cradle of mankind south Africa

These top facts of the cradle of mankind south Africa will blow the minds of all those who form part of your hot air balloon party:

  • One of the world’s most important fossil sites
  • The world’s oldest hominid fossils were discovered here (± 3.5 million years old)
  • Where one of the most complete pre-human skulls, ‘Mrs Ples’ was found
  • The most ancient example of controlled fire was found here
  • Home to Sterkfontein Caves (the most far-reaching findings of hominid fossils in Africa)
  • The site where the longest ongoing fossil excavations are still occurring to date

When one considers all of this, it soon becomes clear why the cradle of mankind south Africa remains one of the most cherished heritage locations on the continent.

Why a hot air balloon experience is so now

Hot air ballooning SA has become very popular in our sunny Mzansi, our guests always rave about the balloon experience.

This is because the country has a moderate climate that is a huge plus for any kind of balloon experience. In May, the temperatures with the colder mornings ensure a pleasant balloon flight and the warmth from the burners are particularly ideal for hot air balloon party guests.

A hot air balloon experience tugs at the strings of your soul

Witnessing Africa’s natural beauty via a hot air balloon touches one in ways undefined – especially in a mystical area such as the cradle of mankind south Africa.

So maybe you wish to have a romantic rendezvous. Or maybe you’re considering a celebratory hot air balloon party with a special group. Know your facts before your book your personalised flight to ensure that your balloon experience is the best it can be.