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Not only does Air to Air Africa join the country in celebrating the last 22 years of our emancipation, Air to Air Africa ballooning adventures celebrates the return to our roots at Glenburn Lodge and Spa where together the past forged our future in offering first class air-ventures in South Africa.

On the 27th of April South Africa celebrates the liberation of our country where freedom of choice was placed in the hands of South African’s during the country’s first democratic election in 1994. With the option to choose who would be responsible for taking our country into a free and progressive future, the South African nation took to new heights. While April marks the liberation of our country’s freedom of choice, it also highlights our history, heritage and roots.

Air to Air Africa began our hot air ballooning adventure, launching from Glenburn Lodge and Spa, prevailing to offer the oldest form of flight known to man above the Blaauwbank and Crocodile rivers in Muldersdrift, Gauteng.
Glenburn Lodge and Spa situated in the Zwartkops Mountains, within one of South Africa’s most well-known World Heritage Sites, the Cradle of Humankind presents air-adventure-seekers and guests with a 100 bedroom hotel, conference, wedding venue and spa experience. Situated within scenic landscapes and natural beauty, Glenburn Lodge and Spa makes for the ideal launch site for a hot air balloon ride in Johannesburg.

Air to Air Africa Fast Flight Facts:

  • Air to Air Africa was established in 1999
  • We hold an air service license with the Civil Aviation and our pilots are licensed annually
  • Air to Air Africa has a 100% safety record and is considered one of South Africa’s top ballooning companies
  • Hot air balloon rides in Gauteng are only scheduled for the early morning
  • Air to Air Africa hot air balloon flights include breakfast and sparkling wine
  • We offer one of the biggest balloon adventures in Africa with our 16 seater balloon

Much like South Africa’s journey to new heights, the rise in popularity of hot air ballooning has travelled a thought-provoking history.

  • In 1709 the balloon craft Passarola took to the skies as the first ever assertion of a hot air balloon
  • In 1783 a sheep, a rooster and a duck were the first passengers to voyage in a cloth and paper hot air balloon in Versailles
  • Later in 1783 the first man rose through the air in a hot air balloon, tied to 26m long rope
  • After the first free flight with passengers, by 1785 the English Channel had been crossed in a hot air balloon and the French military had established hot air balloon corps in 1794
  • The first manned hot air balloon ride in South African skies took flight in 1885
  • In 1999 Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones completed the first hot air balloon ride around the world

Choose Air to Air Africa now at Glenburn Lodge and Spa to celebrate a special occasion, anniversary, corporate team building or give an awe- inspiring gift to change a life.