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Valentines Day gift ideas can be a tough challenge when trying to find the perfect way to spoil your significant other on the annual Saint Valentines Day. As if finding the best Valentines Day gift wasn’t enough pressure.

In a perfect world, the best Valentines Day gift for him or the most creative Valentines Day ideas for her would be a one in the same win-win solution, where the activity was the gift. Enter Air to Air Africa with a Valentine’s Day idea that gives the gift of creating lasting memories of romance and awe for him and for her.

Leonardo da Vinci said that “Once you have flown you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return”. We all hold the hope, even if in secret, to spend Valentines Day making lasting memories and adorning those we cherish with gifts that transform our affection into a tangible reflection of how they make us feel.

Air to Air offers a Valentines Day experience to take your love, with panoramic views above the Cradle of Humankind, across landscapes that boast a bounty of wildlife and history.

Whether this Valentines Day holds a significantly special event such as an Anniversary or marriage proposal or if you are merely looking for something to sweep him or her off their feet, a hot air balloon ride is about the best Valentines Day gift you could give.

4 Tips to make your love’s hot air balloon ride even more exhilarating this Valentines day:

  1. Play a Valentines Day guessing game during your early morning drive while making your way to the ballooning launch site.
  2. Sip sparkling wine or some refreshing orange juice, which is served on landing at the waterfall.
  3. Settle your balloon ride butterflies with a romantic buffet style breakfast at Glenburn Lodge & Spa upon landing.
  4. Photograph your hot air balloon experience from above or below and record special moments during your Valentines Day flight.

Other creative Valentines Day ideas for him:

  • Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
  • Copper rain gauge echoing the Archimedes’ principle of water displacement
  • The Sega star theatre planetarium
  • Personalised men’s leather Morse code bracelet
  • “Things I’d do for love” personalised book
  • Personalised “My Side Your Side” pillowcases

Alternative Valentines Day gift ideas for her:

  • Past, present and future jewellery
  • Chiming heart necklace
  • “What I Love About You by Me” book
  • Personalised relationship timeline mug
  • A Tile item finder for anything
  • All of the above PLUS a hot air ballooning experience

Let Air to Air African lift your love to cloud 9 and create a Valentines Day memory that will last a lifetime. Get in touch to find out more about our Valentines Day hot air balloon experiences to make this Valentines Day one to remember.