Hot Air Ballooning Back to our Roots

Not only does Air to Air Africa join the country in celebrating the last 22 years of our emancipation, Air to Air Africa ballooning adventures celebrates the return to our roots at Glenburn Lodge and Spa where together the past forged our future in offering first class air-ventures in South Africa. On the 27th of April South Africa celebrates the liberation of our country where freedom of choice was placed in the hands of South African’s during the country’s first democratic election in 1994. With the option to choose who would be responsible for taking our country into a free and progressive future, the South African nation took to new heights. While April marks the liberation of our country’s freedom of choice, it also highlights our history, heritage and roots. Air to Air Africa began our hot air ballooning adventure, launching from Glenburn Lodge and Spa, prevailing to offer the oldest form of flight known to man above the Blaauwbank and Crocodile rivers in Muldersdrift, Gauteng. Glenburn Lodge and Spa situated in the Zwartkops Mountains, within one of South Africa’s most well-known World Heritage Sites, the Cradle of Humankind presents air-adventure-seekers and guests with a 100 bedroom hotel, conference, wedding venue and spa experience. Situated within scenic landscapes and natural beauty, Glenburn Lodge and Spa makes for the ideal launch site for a hot air balloon ride in Johannesburg. Air to Air Africa Fast Flight Facts: Air to Air Africa was established in 1999 We hold an air service license with the Civil Aviation and our pilots are licensed annually Air to Air Africa has a 100% safety record... read more

Mother’s Day ideas & autumn activities to warm her heart

Finding a Mother’s Day gift idea that reflects the warmth and appreciation of the maternal bonds we cherish in our lives is not always simple to find. As the South African autumn months approach they bring with them the celebration of Mother’s Day with Mother’s day gifts and the “Mothering Sunday” typically observed across the world, around the second Sunday in May each year. The search for meaningful Mother’s Day gifts to show thanks to our mothers, grandmothers and maternal care givers is said to date as far back as the celebrations honouring the ancient Greek and Roman goddesses, Rhea and Cybele. However, western society and the modern world claim responsibility for the inauguration of the first official Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday in 1908. A warm air balloon ride is a superb gift to share with the mothers and the maternal role models we cherish this coming Mother’s Day that will beat the autumn chill and leave a lasting memory. Arrange a hot air ballooning adventure with your mom above the Cradle of Humankind, followed by breakfast and celebrate all that your mom is, everything she has done and the things she continues to do for you and others. There have been number of influential Mothers throughout history that have left their motherly mark on society, as well as modern day maternal role models. Influential mothers, maternal role models and mom-entous moms Mother Teresa known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, MC, although she was never with child, Mother Teresa is celebrated for her commitment to charitable works and providing comfort and aid to the ill and the impoverished.... read more

How to start an event planning business – Take to the air.

Events planning start-ups find themselves in a competitive marketplace, where the landscape is shaped by a high supply: demand ratio. When considering the establishment of an eventing and events panning business, entrepreneurs need to identify unique selling proposition’s (USP) and partner with unique service providers to extend the reach of customer service expectations. Top corporate event planning companies are established by identifying unique ways to solve eventing needs. By applying an accurate product-market fit through a clear understanding of your customer target markets the more sustainable customer life time value and retention strategies will be. A way to differentiate your business is to approach markets with pioneering solutions. Offering eventing solutions such as corporate hot air ballooning experiences with a reputable service provider such as Air to Air Africa may be just the USP your eventing organisation needs. Followed by team building workshops, product launches or promotional lectures, a corporate hot air balloon experience or a Balloon Event offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your eventing service offering. Starting your own events planning company; the plan, the name, the structure and set up After identifying unique differentiators and an event planning business opportunity, begin your journey to building a unique service by putting together a business plan. The Plan: A Business Plan is important in understanding the industry and competitive landscape, a forecast of capital outlays and financial investment needed to fund your start up. The Name: Although seemingly rudimentary, the name of your company will be the distinguishing branding that sets your business apart from competitors. The Structure: Establishing a structure for your eventing business is an important... read more

Valentines day ideas for him. Valentines day ideas for her.

Valentines Day gift ideas can be a tough challenge when trying to find the perfect way to spoil your significant other on the annual Saint Valentines Day. As if finding the best Valentines Day gift wasn’t enough pressure. In a perfect world, the best Valentines Day gift for him or the most creative Valentines Day ideas for her would be a one in the same win-win solution, where the activity was the gift. Enter Air to Air Africa with a Valentine’s Day idea that gives the gift of creating lasting memories of romance and awe for him and for her. Leonardo da Vinci said that “Once you have flown you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return”. We all hold the hope, even if in secret, to spend Valentines Day making lasting memories and adorning those we cherish with gifts that transform our affection into a tangible reflection of how they make us feel. Air to Air offers a Valentines Day experience to take your love, with panoramic views above the Cradle of Humankind, across landscapes that boast a bounty of wildlife and history. Whether this Valentines Day holds a significantly special event such as an Anniversary or marriage proposal or if you are merely looking for something to sweep him or her off their feet, a hot air balloon ride is about the best Valentines Day gift you could give. 4 Tips to make your love’s hot air balloon ride even more exhilarating this Valentines day: Play a Valentines Day guessing game during your early... read more

Take New Year Team Building To New Heights With Corporate Flights

Sweep your team of employees off their feet, take your organisations team building to new heights and soar into the New Year with a corporate hot air balloon team building excursions across the skies of Johannesburg. A sure way to motivate your employees and break the New Year ice is with a corporate team building activity in a hot air balloon to rise above all others. Your work force may often return to work after the festive season with a holiday hangover, resulting in a temporary lag in productivity and office energy levels. Work team building exercises can be a great way to inject drive and team cohesion to start the New Year with clear goals and gusto. What corporate team building creates for your organisation? • Stimulates dialogue between management and subordinates • Creates an opportunity to crystallise goals and team objectives • Develops team cohesion and productivity • Highlights team leaders and group influencers • Reveals personality types and individual productivity drivers • Aligns corporate strategy with the organisations subordinates What employees gain from work team building? • Develop communication skills • Foster inter-personal and people skills • Build individual confidence and self-assurance • Creates clarity of individual and organisational objectives • Exposure to overall corporate strategy and the “Big Picture” view With various team activities for corporate team building in Johannesburg, more common work team building ideas have been sampled and often exhausted. Some of the best things to do for team building are those activities that create a lasting memory and result in employee solidarity. A distinctive and ideal activity for work team building is... read more

Hot Air Balloon Christmas Present Ideas

We all know (and love) someone, who on an annual basis stretches your imagination by having to find them Christmas present ideas that are awe-inspiring, better than last year and will leave them feeling loved. Look no further than Hot air balloon rides to make their Christmas unforgettable. As the festive season fast approaches so does the challenge to exceed the bar set by last year’s awesome Christmas present ideas. Whether you have already begun your cool Christmas gift quest or are only just starting to think Christmassy thoughts, we have the answer to your Christmas present conundrum. Here are 5 hugely unique Christmas present ideas for 2015 1 – Hot Air Balloon ride over the Cradle of Humankind. 2 – Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock. 3 – USB Typewriter for your Smart device. 4  – Musical Wine Glasses. 5  – Book on 1000 Ultimate Experiences. What makes the festive season so magical is its ability to bring friends and family together to celebrate and appreciate each other’s company. Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, the festive season creates the special moments where new memories are made with those we love. Part of what makes celebrating Christmas so special is the gift we get from giving a meaningful present to those we care for. One of the most meaningful Christmas gift ideas, different to typical Christmas present trinkets is a hot air balloon ride. Make this amazing Christmas present idea even more breath-taking by enjoying views of a proudly South African World Heritage Site over the Cradle of Humankind. Fast facts about the Cradle of Human Kind The Cradle of Humankind is... read more

Up Up and Away: Hot air balloon party

Celebrate growing up by going up, up and away with a hot air balloon party, an affordable and meaningful 18th or 21st birthday party idea or birthday gift idea for a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday milestone. A hot air balloon party is one of the most unique ways to celebrate special occasions, especially when planning an 18th or 21st birthday party. Celebrate a 21st or 18th birthday milestone in style, sip on Champagne as the sunrises on your extra special day! Milestone birthdays and gifts ideas for a 50th or 60th birthday celebration can sometimes be a struggle. The gift of going up for growing up as a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday gift idea will make a special birthday celebration even more meaningful and memorable. Whether you are spending your 18th, 21st or 60th birthday having a hot air balloon party or looking for unforgettable gift idea for a 40th or 50th birthday milestone, here are 5 top tips for first time hot air balloon parties to follow; 1. Have a backup party plan if you are throwing a 21st or 18th hot air balloon party. Unpredictable weather can cause delays to your party plans. Be sure that your party people are prepared for a possible re-schedule for when the weather is ready to come to the party. 2. Plan your party outfit. Although one might assume the hot air in your balloon party will keep you warm, the air up there may vary as you float through different air pockets. The best birthday suit for ballooning is a layered approach allowing you and your party goers to... read more

Office team building ideas for spring

Corporate team building with Air to Air Africa Office team building ideas for spring, hot air balloon rides are a must. With spring in the air every successful business is looking for the best office team building ideas. A time for team collaboration and some fun. We say: “Get out of the office and into the air” to put a fresh perspective with our hot air balloon specials. The best corporate team building days out involve new experiences and opportunities for team members to enhance their social relations and engage in activities outside of the office. Hot air balloon rides are a great way to get an uplifting insight into how your team works and leaves a lasting impression that will bring the newness of spring back into the office environment. Smart managers know that taking time out with their employees leads to a more cohesive team who deliver results. We look to the top 5 success strategies by corporate team building companies to incorporate on your hot air balloon experience. Choose activities that will allow employees to play to their individual strengths Create fun games where employees are able to understand each other better Share your future growth vision of the company and how your employees will enable this Take time to share who you are and solidify how you support them Why not provide an incentive with great hot air balloon rides prices to win a day out? Hot air ballooning adventures are the perfect start to your rigorous day. Start with a sunrise flight and a good hearty breakfast to ensure your team are in top... read more

Hot Air balloon rides, the ultimate adventure ride.

Hot Air balloon rides, the ultimate memorable celebration for your milestone. Whether it is your partner’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or any other significant celebratory milestone you want to share with family, friends or colleagues, we all look for the perfect gift which will be remembered forever. What better way to make your celebration memorable than with a scenic view of South Africa from the air? Choose a hot air balloon ride and take in the Cradle of Humankind, famous Crocodile River or a Game Reserve for a “not-to-be-forgotten” day out. You do not have to wait for summer to have a splendid celebration. In fact, hot air balloon rides are more suitable in the winter months, as there are no strong winds to interfere with your journey. Your journey will begin in the early crisp and clear morning as lift off takes place prior to sunrise in the winter months, a meeting time (which is a half hour) allows a 6.45am launch time, this is the latest time we launch ensuring you have a different perspective of the winter sunrise with your panoramic view as you set off on your journey starting at 4400ft for maximum value, as generally, balloonists like to fly at lower levels as more can be seen. The hot flames above you ensure you will not go cold on your trip and to hold onto your memory the whole journey is captured with a go-pro camera on-flight which you can view on YouTube and share with your friends and colleagues. Should you want that little extra you can arrange footage from the ground,... read more

“Things to consider when requesting a personalized flight”

Our awe-inspiring hot air balloon flies over the Glenburn Lodge & Spa within the Cradle of Humankind Gauteng and is something everyone should experience. We offer flights that cater for: Team building End of year functions Birthday celebrations Special occasions Wedding Enquiries When considering a wedding on board the main factor to remember is that ballooning Takes place at sunrise. Is weather related and may have to be rescheduled. An authorised wedding official must be on board. The wedding documents will be signed on the ground and indoors with two witnesses. A balloon cannot be steered to a destination. In other words the pilot is unable to take off and deliver you at a destination of your choice. When It Comes To Proposals, You Will Need To Bear The Following In Mind For safety reasons, Air to Air Africa only does morning flights and thus if you wish to fly in the hot air balloon for  your marriage proposal, the meeting time will be a half hour prior to sunrise daily. Experienced senior pilot Eddie Jacobs expresses how morning flights are safer not only due to better visibility when the sun rises, but also more stable winds. As the earth heats up turbulence occurs on the ground and the pilot loses the ability to steer the balloon to the best landing spot for an easy retrieval. This may cause a late retrieval and the passengers may be standing in open fields in fading light until the ground crew can reach the balloon. Balloons flying in controlled airspace need permission to take off and adhere to a height restriction. No balloon... read more